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Jack Holleran 
Wednesday, April 6, 2011 05:10 PM Host: Write a comment

Periodically, I search the internet for my name. Quite surprised when I found I had been documented in one of Pennsylvania Jacks' stories about Thomas Street. Some memories were really awakened.
Jack talked about the Port Authority ... my dad was a streetcar operator and bus driver while I was in grade school. Up the street, we had one man who worked for Pepsi (he sold it to us for half price), Marty Kokel was crafton Police officer, one man was our mailman, one was an iron worker.

Sometimes entertainment was storytelling by one parent to several kids ... with another parent surprising the group with the obligatory "BOO!" or appropriate sound effects for the story being told.

Again, thanks for the memory jogging. I am finding your stories to be fascinating.

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